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Rental Air Compressors

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Rent Industrial Air Compressors Manufactured by Industry-Leading Experts

HireAir is proud to be your number one solution for rental compressed air equipment. 

The HireAir rental fleet is reliable, well maintained, and ready to meet any application. From rotary screws to centrifugal compressors, dryers, and transformers, we have all your rental air compressor needs covered.

HireAir has the experience and expertise to identify a workable solution immediately, whether that is at the start of a project or during a critical outage. HireAir makes sure you rent an air compressor solution that meets the demands of your project.

Contact 1-833-HireAir today to rent your industrial compressed air solution.

Emergency and Strategic Rental Planning

HireAir is committed to partnering with you to provide both planned and immediate air supply solutions. HireAir is proud to offer a full fleet of rental air compressors, including Ingersoll Rand air compressors, fully supported by industry-certified experts.

Emergency Rentals

HireAir understands the critical nature of business and is committed to providing a rapid solution during unexpected equipment failure. Temporary solutions are a must when your air compressor fails. HireAir provides a wide range of emergency rental air compressors whenever they are needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Strategic Rentals

Strategic rental planning can save your organization essential funds while increasing your production.

Cost Avoidance and
Supplemental Capacity

By planning supplemental air during peak production periods, your company can avoid significant investment in additional capital equipment that may be redundant outside of peak production times. By renting your costs are directly related to increased production and contribute to your capacity and bottom line.

Planned Outage

If you are scheduling a planned outage to stay one step ahead of an emergency, turn to HireAir to provide a seamless solution for your production needs. HireAir rental air compressors can reduce downtime while the existing plant equipment is being serviced, repaired, or replaced. 

Contact 1-833-HireAir for your emergency rental air compressor solutions that will keep your production running.

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Industrial Air Compressor Rental Packages

Whether your compressed air demands are small or large, HireAir offers a wide range of air compressors to meet your rental requirements.

HireAir is Dedicated to Your Bottom Line

You can rely on HireAir to reduce potential downtime and provide expert advice on the right rental air compressor required for your specific needs.

No matter your situation, whether emergency or scheduled, HireAir is proud to offer the largest range of rental air compressors solutions for any situation.

Contact 1-833-HireAir today to discuss your rental compressed air solution.

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